Prospective Exhibitors Information

  • SCI is first and foremost a hunters’ convention, thus all new companies must clearly show a shared view and relationship of SCI’s interest of protecting the freedom to hunt and promote worldwide conservation.
  • Prospective exhibitors will be considered for booth placement AFTER all returning and ranked companies have been placed. Submission of a booth application agreement, deposit and donation commitment must be completed before a prospective company will be considered for booth placement.
  • To assist SCI in the selection process you must include brochures, catalogs, pictures, pricing lists, company ownership, professional hunting or guide license, and website information along with the application and donor documents.
  • Competition for available booths, if any, is extremely fierce; thus, provide us with as much information as possible to assist us in our decision making process. All prospective companies with valid documentation will be placed on a waiting list.

SCI will consider accepting new exhibitors for space upon the following prioritization:

  • The type of product or service offered. First consideration will be given to companies whose product or service is most closely aligned with the interest of SCI and its membership base.
  • The type and value of the donation offered in conjunction with their request.
  • The date of deposit.